Hi, first off, thanks for stopping by! I created this site to be able to put perspective on my busy life. From work to rugby, to my passion for gaming, there’s so many things for me to talk about.

Basically, I blog because I want the world to know that not just geeks play online games these days.  That’s a stereotype that’s bugged the hell out of me for so long.  Just because we like to play MMORPGs does not make everyone is a total geek.  I mean sure, there’s geeks out there that fit the mold, but there’s also others out there that are just regular people, living normal lives, out there playing the same game.  So I wanted to start the blog to try to get more “Normal Joes” that are playing games like fantasy based MMOs “come out” and be proud of what you play.  God that almost sounds like…..   better leave that one alone.

My friends, wife, teammates, co workers, (and the list goes on and on) all make fun of me when they find out I play EQ2.  I play rugby, so it’s extra bad, but I don’t mind it that much.  I want them to know, I wanna show them the game and have them come check out my sweet ass setup.  I want the to be in awe when they see me log in the game and run around and kill some stuff.  I want to have my buddies interested.  I’ve been a closet gamer for too long and I was tired of trying to cover up the things I like to do.  So I tell everyone I see.  I guess I just have no friends in real life that play, and it’d be nice to find some.  It’s a little embarressing when they corner me and think I’m some pen and paper D&D freak, but it’s fine.  I’m like Smedley against SWG fans, I can take it and dish it.  I just want more people to be exposed to it.  Maybe SOE will make a dime or two off of my efforts.  But I’m like a walking Ad.

But my wife REALLY thinks I’m a geek no matter what I do.  That’s one person I cannot convince otherwise.  But I think most people I run across sees gaming in another light, or at least I hope they do.  Gamers are really aging.  We can hold executive positions in business, have wonderful families, and things like that….and then sit down at the end of the evening and crack out for a while, wasting the night away.  I dig that, that’s what it’s all about.  We are not a community of 12yr olds running around with our heads cut off any longer.  We’re mature adults with a consistent income who enjoy our escape, and pay good money to do it.  That’s why I blog, to help people relate to me.

In the case where anyone would like to e-mail me, you can reach me at eq2phrogger at hotmail.com


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